Hello Everyone! I decided to have a little fun with my parfaits, so I came up with these. I call these my “What’s Your Flavour” Parfait Shots because I believe everyone possesses one or all of the personalities listed in the photo, but the question is, do they match your tastebuds? Lets find out!

Sexy Shot : A tiramisu inspired chocolate mousse dessert. It contains coconut cream (unsweetened), a tiny dash of coffee liqueur (baileys and coffee), cacao powder, honey, and semi sweet chocolate sprinkles.

Flirty Shot: Vanilla coconut whipped cream sweetened with stevia, layered with sweet strawberry slices, and topped with peppermint snow sprinkles.

Fun shot: Vanilla coconut whipped cream sweetened with organic coconut palm sugar, blueberry sauce (from melted frozen blueberries), and topped with rainbow sprinkles.


So I ask, which shot are you? 😉

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  1. jesselyn6585 says:

    Oooh Sexy for sure! I love tiramisu!

    1. Sweet! You own it sexy 😉

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