Hmmmm shrimp! There are so many exciting ways to enjoy shrimp entrees without having it deep fried or coated in sugary coconut shreds (sounds kind of yummy though, but only on a cheat day ;)). This recipe is simple, healthy, and yummy.

Recipe for shrimp cake:

2 cups caribbean raw shrimp (peeled and washed)
1 cup diced red bell pepper
1/2 cup fresh italian parsley (chopped)
1/2 cup almond flour (for coating)
1/2 tsp fresh garlic (minced)
1 large organic cage free egg
1 tsp chopped jalapeños
2 tbsp green onions (chopped)
1/8 tsp sea salt (or herbamere)
1/4 tsp smoked paprika
A dash of curry
A dash or oregano
1 tbsp lemon juice (squeezed from lemon)
Organic coconut oil (for frying)

Process raw shrimp in a food processor until smooth.

Add remaining ingredients (except almond flour) in a bowl and mix together until well incorporated, then add ground shrimp to the mixture and fold together.

Grease a pre heated skillet and using an ice scream scoop, scoop out shrimp portions into round balls and immerse in almond flour until evenly coated.

Place coated balls in the skillet and flatten out into patties. Flip when sides are slightly golden.

When ready, set shrimp cakes aside and process 2 cups of chopped cauliflower florets in a food processor until rice texture forms.

Serve with shrimp cakes and sides of choice. I had mine on a lettuce bed with sliced avocados, and a drizzle of sriracha sauce. Happy eating! 🙂

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