So I was watching the awesome Jamie King doing what he does best on the food network and he came up with this awesome adult treat. What better way to enjoy this delicious fruit than taking it as a shot! I know right? However, alcohol does not sit very well in my tummy anymore because of my clean diet, so I modified this recipe into my own healthy version of course 😉 Here it is!


4-6 shot glasses
1 cup grapefruit flavored perrier (or sparkling water of choice). You can also use white tequila if you’re feeling naughty
A dash of organic pure vanilla extract
A sprinkle of apple spice (or cinnamon)
1 seeded pomegranate

Freeze your shot glasses overnight before making this recipe and also place perrier in the refrigerator the night before. It’s best enjoyed cold trust me!
Seed your pomegranate topless. Yes I mean topless, because they get really messy and get everywhere in your kitchen. The best method I use is to slice the pomegranate in half and beat the seats out in between your fingers. The seeds fall out fairly quickly 🙂
When ready to make, take the shot glasses and the perrier out and place on your kitchen counter.
Scoop pomegranate portions into shot glasses and slowly add perrier until incorporated.
Add vanilla and cinnamon and let the whole mixture set for 20 seconds.
Consume and enjoy your new years eve!

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